Online donation collection is rapidly replacing the direct mailing system which was earlier considered as a preferred method for collecting funds for charity events and non-profit organization. With the growing age we can perhaps assume that the young generation will prefer to donate online solely as the online process can streamline entire process, offering a wide range of benefits, discussed below:

Efficiency: The online Companies with Online Donation Requests process of collecting donations for your fundraising event will offer greater competence as you can instantly receive the donations via PayPal, Credit cards within the secured environment. You can also maintain an online database where all the relevant information related to the donors and the transactions gets automatically stored.

Immediacy: The online donation page will make the potential donors aware about the cause and eventually they can make contributions instantly, without giving a second thought to it.

Instant confirmation: By taking your donation collection process online, you can instantly send automated confirmation emails, after your donors are done with the registration and payment process.

Prior understanding: The key to successful online donation collection is identifying your potential donors and their interests and expectations. Taking the process online will allow you to track their navigation behavior within the website, prior to the event. This will help you in improving your fundraising campaigns and increase fund collection for support the cause.

Here are a few tips, which can help you in conducting fundraising campaigns smartly for increasing donation collection:

· Consider the various media channels:

Apart from hoardings and banners, you can also use other media channels such as newsletters, brochures, press releases and even commercials on radio and television for promoting the cause and the event widely.

· Use social media extensively:

Social networking sites can be a powerful platform for reaching out to millions of people for supporting your fundraising cause. Use the sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, for promoting your charity event extensively, which will ultimately help in generating more donations.

· Create an appealing website:

Your charity website must include your mission statement, goals, achievements and the work that your nonprofit organization is dong to support the cause further. Try to add up informative contents, explaining the use of the funds you are raising. Also include photos, videos related to the cause, which will grab the attention of potential donors.

· Recompense your donors:

You can offer incentives and gift coupons to your donors in return of the donations. You can also offer them a simple free subscription to your institute’s newsletter or even an invitation to a personal dinner party, arranged for the donors.

Make your online donation collection process creative and innovative, following the above mentioned tips, which will help you in generating more funds for your charity event.

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